Thursday, 24 December 2009


I have just literally finished my 100th ball for 2009!!!! I'll get the excitement over before I add that I didn't knit all 100, but I did knit 70 of them... the year isn't over yet so who knows how many more balls I may yet use :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Ta da!!!

aquarius socks
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May I proudly present my socks, pair number 12 for this year. These are for my cousin for Christmas and were started in Berlin last Wednesday and finished yesterday morning. The photo is really quite accurate colour wise for a change, but I have asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas so maybe next year ALL the photos will be accurate, lol.

As for new stash... lets just say there was plenty of it. I am tempted to post pics of all the yarn but for a weeks worth of purchasing, it might be a little scary - 15 balls of yarn came home with me. Only 4 balls of that WERE NOT sock yarn. Yeah, I don't need to buy sock yarn for at least the next 4 years!!!

Right now I'm off to work on more Christmas presents.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bon voyage!

Going to Berlin in the morning. Don't know how much knitting will get done but I'm prepared with 2 pairs of socks to chose from. I can't promise that yarn won't be purchase, I'm on holiday after all :)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

What a weekend!

Have managed to finish two projects over the weekend AND start/finish a third, which is just fantastic! Can't mention too much about them since Christmas is coming and everything, lol.

I can say that I've knitted/gifted 92 balls of yarn this year (I've colour coded the balls so I can count exactly how many I gifted and knitted) and I could actually get to 100 by New Years Eve. I have probably cheated a bit since I've noted down partial balls and things, for example if I knitted a dishcloth last year using half a ball of P&C and finished the ball this year, then I'm counting the ball in the challenge. But hey, the yarn is leaving the stash and if it motivates me then I'll stick to my system.

Onto the next project!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Berlin Thorpe

Berlin Thorpe
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Ta da!!!!! I have myself an ear flap hat for Berlin in a fortnight... less than a fortnight actually. And in only one ball of Patons Symphony so that it matches my cowl :)

I didn't do the braid things on it, and as much as I like the hat, I think its a bit crazy... but as long as it does the job I'm happy :)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I buyed yarn.

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Yes, I caved and bought yarn but its to knit this:

Isn't it cute!? Its called Robinson and is from Patons Nursery Story pattern book.

Here's my plan, and I believe it to be a rather cunning plan at that.

I had a look at the pattern and noted that the age 2-3 required 5 balls of the main colour (brown in the photo) and 1 of the contrasting colour (cream), and I handily enough had 5 balls of one colour...

These balls to be more precise:

The colourway is called Misty and randomlythe photo is quite a good match for what the colour is like in person. My plan is to knit the above cardigan and therefore have purchased 2 balls in order to knit up 5 (yes, there are 5 there) which I think is quite a good method of using the stash and getting a lovely cardigan at the end of the day.

So these are the 2 balls I bought, as the contrasting colour, nice and green. I was thinking of doing the ribbing in the green to brighten it up a tad, and also in case there's not enough of the blue, but I have a while to think about it.

So... do you think my yarn purchase was justified?

Sunday, 8 November 2009

a little ramble

Just did a quick count of the number of skeins of yarn I have, based on the info on ravelry. I have 411. Now I knew I had a lot, but with the stash knitdown that I was (am) doing, I had hoped to have decreased that number (I’ve used/gifted 89balls this year which isn’t too bad really, hope to get to 100 by New Years Eve)

However, I have added 58 balls to the stash in many varying weights and honestly its mostly sock yarn. Given that I’ve managed to knit 11 pairs of socks this year and my sock stash is rapidly increasing, I really should knit nothing but socks for a while, lol.

Why am I waffling like this? Simple. I was in a bad, but the only LYS we have here, and they had nice aran yarn for 99p per ball. Conveniently I have a pattern book for kids knits in this yarn and I thought to myself “here’s a chance to get something nice and knit it up!” hence the yarn count. I was going to buy at least 6 balls but have just realised that this is rather silly due to the huge number of balls in my stash that aren’t leaving. Instead, I’ve decided to purchase one ball, and one ball only to knit the pattern using the yarn I already have that’s required. One ball to use up 5 that I already have isn’t too bad… is it?

Also, I don’t even think I’ll get round to knitting the kids cardigan hoodie thing this year so really I’m buying yarn to carry over to 2010. I need to finish my Christmas knitting and start planning my 2010 knits… which will be for me and me alone!!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

christmas socks

I've just finished my first pair of socks to be gifted for Christmas... for my two cousins who have been asking for socks for ages. Just have another pair to do, with about 10,000 other things too, lol.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

More progress...

The cardigan was taken home last Wednesday and apparently it fits the 2 year old perfectly. I saw a photo of it on him and it looks quite good... couldn't steal the photo though.

In other knitting news, I've the first sock of 2 Christmas pairs very nearly done... another 2 or 3 inches and its done... with just the mate to go. I also finished my sisters cowl tonight while watching some James Bond, so I could actually get all my knitting done before Christmas without taking more stuff off the list.

Here's hoping!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

the torture is over!

cardigan sleeve
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i have just literally finished the baby cardigan. Its only been on the go for 6 weeks or so which is just too long. But here's a very bad photo of the cables on the sleeves, the rest of just plain. Didn't have enough blue buttons so I used a nice light yellow instead.

Socks tomorrow for snb. Have to rip out and redo the heel though, that won't be fun but at least its not a cardigan!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Birthday cowl

birthday cowl
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This is the cowl I was talking about last time, for my friend Jolene. Please ignore the shiny plastic chair but it was the only decent surface available for picture taking :)

In this cowl you can at least see the pattern, and she seemed to like it, which I hope is a good sign.

I'm just about to start seaming the sleeves of the baby cardigan. Its been floating around far too much and it is starting to get on my nerves, lol! To the needle!!!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

knitting has taken place

symphony cowl
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I finished this cowl for myself last Monday and haven't taken it off since! Its lovely and soft, snuggly and quick to knit. I knitted it out of patons symphony and took a grand total of 6 hours!!!!

I have another on the go too, and the baby cardigan is nearly done too... just the ends, sleeves and buttons to do.

Have Christmas socks started as well, so much knitting and no finishing going on, lol. Hopefully that will all change tomorrow with SOMETHING being finished!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

pisces socks finito!!

pisces socks finito!!
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Finally these socks are done! They've been hanging around for far too long. No more! Come tomorrow they'll be on my feet :)

it only took just over half a ball for the entire pair, so another pair of these will be knitted in the future.

Onto Christmas knitting!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

My current knitting

pisces socks
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So as I changed the knitting rota, I've been chugging away on these socks. I finished the cuff on Wednesday night at SnB and cast on the second one. I managed to get the foot and the heel finished last night, with a bit of the leg too.

But, as today is Sunday I thought I'd start something else for the coming week (as per the on a week, off a week scheme) so I settled on a cardigan for a 2 year old. The one I'm doing is the one on the top left but without the stripes. (see how I tried to cover everything else on the page, lol) I'm hoping it won't take too long, but come Sunday its back to the sock!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Or maybe not

So I was totally convinced that the split week thing was working until I realised it had taken for a fortnight to knit one single, solitary sock. Add into the mix that one christmas gift took me 3 full weekends makes me slightly rethink the plan.

New plan - one week each, lol. The socks getting its week so see how much of the thing I can knit and next week (except Wednesday) the new Christmas project will get my full attention (doesn't help that scouts restart on Monday so I lose a nights knitting)

So there we have it, the new plan and hopefully this one works out. Failing that, its a lot of monogamous knitting in my future!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

This may actually be working...

The whole splitting the week thing seems to be working for me. This second half the the week I'm made some serious progress on a Christmas project... I've gotten more done today and yesterday than I had all last week! Even though I'm meant to stop knitting this project at 6pm (to restart the sock for its half of the week) I think I'm going to continue on a bit as I reckon the ball is very nearly done, hooray!!!

So back to the Christmas project I go!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Madness strikes again!

I calculated how many weeks worth of Christmas knitting I have to do - 19. I then calculated how many weeks it is to Christmas - 19. Most of my Christmas knitting is socks, but I've also two toddler cardigans and some other things to do as well.

So I hatched a plan. Sunday evening to Wednesday night are sock days, while Thursday to Sunday evening are everything else days! I'm hoping that this works or else some projects will have to go which I don't want to do. I've my first pair of socks on the go as well as another gift. I think I'm going to have to do the quick things first, like my sisters socks, and leave the slow ones like my dads socks.... or should I do it the other way round?

And here was me thinking I'd started early enough!!! At least I've two pairs of socks done and 2/3rds of another gift done!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Edible art

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A few weeks ago in Starbucks, the knitters got to their table and were faced with this masterpiece. It was make of white and brown sugar and was really quite delightful... unfortunately it didn't last too long. This picture was taken, the sugar swept into a dirty mug and the knitting commenced. It was pretty while it lasted I suppose.

Monday, 10 August 2009

And finally....

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This is the last FO I can show here until Christmas, super secret knittings took place but since my mum won't be poking around the blog, I'm safe enough to post a photo of them.

These are her bedsocks and knitted out of one ball and a tiny bit of Sirdar Hug in Murmur. They're actually really nice and I might have to hunt out the Calm blue and knit myself a pair. They were really quick to knit up too which makes them idea last minute present material.

Currently knitting the clapotis since the headwrap for a girl in work is done, just have an end to weave in and I'll hopefully be able to post a very bad photo tomorrow!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

FO: Part Deux!

twin sock
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Here's more evidence that I knitted in Donegal on holiday - a nice pair of socks for my brother's birthday (which is in October incidentally) They are my first pair of perfectly matching socks and I managed to try them on him without him looking!!!

So far my sock total is 9 pairs this year, which is pretty good since my goal was to knit 13 pairs! I've 5 pairs to knit for Christmas and a pair to do for mysef so I could end up with more pairs than I bargained for!!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

We have a FO!!!

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I went on holiday. I went with the intention of knitting a lot of things and to come home with one completed vintage cardigan... and I did! It wasn't a fun experience though.

It took a while for me to get the knitting finished, and once that was done it just sat there for days because I didn't want to see it for a while. Once it was washed though, I think it started to really annoy me with the "I will not dry" streak - 2 days before I lost the plot and spent an entire day seaming it while it was still damp. It was then flung unceremoniously upon a radiator and told it wasn't moving until it was dry!

Weaving the ends in (again) and the buttons took another huge chunk of time that I don't want to think about. I did want the entire thing finished before I came home... the last button was attached at 11:40pm the night before we came home - thats what I call cutting it fine!

But the mother likes it very much and has already had it on, it fits nicely and the sleeves are a nice length too (they're short 3/4 length in the pattern) so all in all its nice now that its finished but I won't repeat either the pattern or the yarn again (once I get rid of these last two balls that is)

Monday, 13 July 2009

It's done!!!

green emerald
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Look what I finished now 10 minutes ago?!?!? I worked on it all weekend and little emerald is now in the conservatory, lying on foam boards, soaking up the summer sun to dry out!

Thats one cardigan down, another to go!

Friday, 10 July 2009

madness takes its toll!

because I am slightly mad (it will seem apparent why I'm mad momentarily) I have decided that before I drive off on holiday next Friday, I must have finished the following two items:

1. Patons Vintage Cardigan - this is currently in a bag thinking about what it did wrong! I was knitting away on it last weekend and realised I was running out of allocated yarn for that part. I measaured the front against the back and the front is currently approximately 4 inches too long!!! And it's not even finished yet!!!! So it's going to have to be ripped back, or frogged. I haven't decided yet.

2. Emerald -this is the project thats being worked on. The sleeves are attached, the raglan decreased and being slowly worked and its getting there. Blessed be the chunky yarn though. Unfortunately, due to the stitch count and the weight of the thing, I can only do a few rows at a time before I need to put it down. I have a long way to go on this one too.

So you see, trying to finish two cardigans in various states of completedness by Thursday is just pure madness!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Totals, totals everywhere

Its the beginning of the month, and so I bring forth the monthly total for June;

Used 549g
Bought 0g
Gifted to me 50g
Mileage 0.56miles.

Mileage is fairly erratic, especially when I'm just kniting socks and cardigan bits. Maybe I'll get back up to the high miles when I get a few consecutive days off!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tofutsies socks

Tofutsies socks
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I finished my second socks today - i didn't knit any more of the Emerald OR start the other side of the cardigan. But look, another finished project AND ball of yarn!!!!!!


Originally uploaded by ropeadope_ie
Look what I picked up again last night! It's the Emerald-that-would-not-be-finished!

To be honest the only reason I lifted it was so I wouldn't have to start the second front of the Paton's Vintage cardigan, plus this Emerald is on the cable rows. However, I really should be knitting the Vintage one, so shall get back to it - Emerald is now 3 rows longer that it was previously!!!!

Yesterday I turned the heel on the second tofutsies sock so that needs finished too.... so I think I'll take it in turns with the projects - do some Vintage, some Emerald and some sock, to ensure that I don't get bored, lol

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Not knitting!

This is a photo of my Westie Tintin. It was his birthday yesterday and he reached the grand age of 12 (thats 84 in dog years apparently) He's a greatwee dog and thought I would give him a mention on the blog and post a photo of his cuteness for all to see :)

Found this is the garden earlier - it was hidden behind a tree and I didn't see it - there are 3 other foxgloves against a different part of the fence but they aren't as nice as this one!

Onto knitting I suppose!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Another sock completed

Nicky, Jolene and I went to Ards to join the SnB there. The girls were really lovely, had gorgeous yarn and a yarn shop nearby! So 4 hours later I had a good bit of the leg done (the other pic is where it was before I left yesterday morning) and we went for a wee drive towards Portaferry where the sock was completed

For this one I attempted a picot cast off. I don't know if I like it or not - the picot rolls down and sorts folds in on itself, its a bit weird. On the plus size, there was no rib to do and no cast off so tight it would cut off circulation. I'll knit the other one and do the picot edging there too and see how I feel after a few wears.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

cardigan front is a go!!!

cardigan front
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Finally cast on the Patons Vintage last night, and this is the result of last nights effort.

The colour isn't that great becaue my camera sucks but the pattern is ok... not great but ok. I don't think I care that much to be honest. I'll see how it turns out once its a bit further along.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

regia socks are done!

regia socks
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I knitted the second sock yesterday , in one day!!!! it was the one on the left by the way, and once again I could have made them sightly longer - it is my fear that I will knit them so long that I won't have enough yarn for the rib at the top. I'll get there eventually,lol.

Also yesterday I finished both sleeves of the vintage cardigan. Just the two fronts to do now, and i might start those later... I am swayed to finish the toe of the new sock I cast on last night, but we'll see.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Evil knotty yarn!

I've half the sleeves for this cardigan finished - I'm knitting them both at the same time so that if I make a mistake on one sleeve, I make it on both, lol.

I'm not loving the yarn though, in every ball I've knitted there's a big knot somewhere where they've tied two ends together to make the ball. Its seriously a pain. But on the bright side, I'm halfway through the cardigan and therefore halfway through the yarn - only 6 more balls left for the cardigan leaving me with a grand total of 2 balls left and no idea what to do with them!

My new mantra for this project shall be "only 6 balls left to go, only 5 balls left to go" etc. Hoping I get the sleeves finished today and then the mantra shall commence, lol.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

footie regia socks -halfway there!

footie regtia socks
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Last weekend I split a partial ball of Regia Stretch to make some footies for my sister (she's only 10 and therefore has small feet)

I cast on the toe on Tuesday while watching Angels and Demons in the cinema, and finished it last night.

I have been knitting the back of the paton's vintage cardigan at the same time, so this is a bit of a shock that its done already - I do have to thank an emergency dentist appointment on friday morning who made me wait for nearly 3 hours before seeing me ( that got me WELL up the foot I can tell ya!)

So now to move onto sock 2

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Total time!

I thought it might be interesting to put out there just where I am on the knitting front.

I have just moments ago finished the 37th ball - I have knitted 33 of these and donated 4 to other people. I'm happy with myself although you can't actually see the small hole where these 37 balls used to be, lol.

So from January until May we have the following:

January - Bought no yarn, used 391g so for the month I was +391g

February - Bought 700g, used 748g so for the month I was +48g

March - Bought 900g, used 1358g so for the month I was + 458g

April - Bought 1000g, used 688g so for the month I was -322g

May - Bought no yarn, used 250g so for the month I was +250g

Generally it seems that the numbers are going in the right direction, and the used yarn doesn't count the gifted to me or by me stuff. I'm destashing slowly but surely, and this month was basically socks, lol.

I think the important thing is that for two months this year I have bought nothing. There's 7 months left, lets see how many more yarn free months I can do!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

More socks done!

prisma socks
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Look what I finished last night, and you can probably tell from the picture where they were finished.

These ones are for my little sister, and I'mglad she has small feet - I can use up those pesky part balls of sock yarn to make her socks, lol.

Because today is a really good day here in good ole N.Ireland, Nicky and I are heading to Belfast Castle for a bit of a walk and a knit. I shall not be starting new socks (they would have used the other part ball of tofutsies) but instead I shall continue with the back of the Paton's Vintage Cardigan.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New project!

Originally uploaded by ropeadope_ie
I finished my socks at the weekend in Donegal... and Nicky fixed Emerald for me (although technically I didn't touch it at all) I don't like the socks very much, I got bored with the pattern and therefore made the legs too short, lol, I'll wear them though.

I started a new project last night (do I hear cries of "why don't you just finish Emerald and get it over and done with?!") and its this cardigan. I bought lots of Paton's Vintage in February or March I believe, and I'm hoping to get this cardigan out of the 14 balls I have... it might be a close call though. I even have the buttons purchased!!!

As you may be able to tell from the bad photo, there's the patterned bit on the front and on the sleeves. Well, its there o the back too, so I'm going to omit ALL the pattern bit, except for the fronts.

I have one further thing to add about this cardigan. If my mother, its intended recipient, doesn't wear it, she's NEVER getting a hand knitted item again (the zebra socks still haven't been worn you know.)

As for Emerald, I'll get there eventually :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I am determined

to come home from Donegal on Sunday night with some totals to put on the "I knitted this month" board. I've been knitting those stupid socks forever now and I'm fed up of them not being done! But by jove, I will have those suckers off the needles this weekend.

I'm also determined to get SOMETHING done on Emerald. Yes, poor emerald is still hibernating away, but since I'm going to Donegal where nothing but knitting takes place, I'm hopeful that progress will be made on it.

If, on the off chance, I come home and emerald hasn't been touched, feel free to send evil nasty things my general direction :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Weekend Frolicks!

custom house
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After much plan making, plan changing, plan cancelling on Friday, Nicky texted to let me know that she wasn't staying in work like a good girl, but was very determined to run (hobble) screaming from the building.

We met up for a Starbucks SnB where much crafting was done before heading to Nados for dinner. After nice munchies, we were heading to Cityside's Ben and Jerry for ice cream (its cheaper than the Odeon) when we heard music wafting from Custom House Square... there was a bit of a music festival thing going on, so we sat on the steps and listened for a while. The band we heard was called Frightened Rabbit and were really very good.

We decided that we would possibly repeat the evening more regularly which will be great fun!

Saturday was a first aid course for the Scouts so no knitting was done. However, when I got back, I completely cleared out my room in preparation for it being redecorated. You know, I knew I had a lot of yarn... but it was EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously, I have far too much of the stuff... time to get some serious destashing done!

As for today, I've been knitting on my Dan Bar socks and have finished the foot and heel, so am now on the leg and the end is in sight!!! Hopefully they'll be finished soon, but as all the yarn is in the cubby, the next project could be difficult to locate, lol

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Well, despite the low mileage total for April, I have knitted a lot. I finished socks, a baby blanket and a cardigan thing and I can't believe the total wasn't higher!

So this month (so far) I've been knitting away on a new pair of socks and am now onto the leg of sock #1. These ones may take a while since they're fully patterned but I have until the end of May to finish them... I've to try and fit a quick pair in somewhere to bring me back to my regularly scheduled pair per month thing. Might knit a pair for Siobhan out of the leftover tofutsies.

I've also knitted a few rows of a new cardigan for my mum out of the rest of the Patons Vintage I have... this is the stuff I already had but bought more to do the garter swing cardi and then I bought EVEN MORE of the stuff for this cardigan. I think I'm defeating the 100 ball knit down challenge here, lol. But I'm getting there, especially if I knit the stuff I've bought which I plan to do.

As for the Emerald... still hasn't been touched and I'm a bad knitter for leaving it languishing in its bag. It's the bank holiday weekend though, so miracles may yet happen and the sleeves may be attached after all.

lets wait and see, lol

Friday, 24 April 2009

And here it is!

baby blanket
Originally uploaded by ropeadope_ie
Here's the finished article, the baby blanket!

My brother had stolen the card reader and left me mildly paranoid for an hour before he replied to my text, evil being that he is.

Onto socks!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

C'est finis!

Well, the little blanket is done. The ends have been woven in, pictures are taken, and just as I was about to upload them I hit a snag. I actually don't know where the card reader is. Seriously. Me who can find ANYTHING in my room can't find this. Its in one of three places:

1. I've tidied it away from its usual spot beside the laptop and can't remember,
2. One of my siblings borrowed it and didn't tell me, or,
3. Its been accidentally put in the bin.

I've only known of its disappearance for a 15 minutes and I miss it already! It was one of the best presents I've received!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I've just finished knitting my 29th ball, which means I'm over quarter of the way to the 100 ball knit down challenge. However, the downside to this excitement is the fact that I've bought yarn nearing 50 balls. I'm taking one step forward and two back with this challenge thing.

So I need an incentive. I'm not buying anymore yarn. If I manage to stave off the yarn buying bug I can go to the spinning class that we're hoping to organise with the SnB ones. If I buy yarn then I can't go, simple.

Ideally, I'd love to have knitted 100 balls AND the new yarn too by New Years Eve. One can hope :)

Sunday, 19 April 2009

it just never ends!

I've been knitting a very simple, but pretty, garter stitch baby blanket for the past week. It's only going to take 200g of yarn, but it feels like I've been knitting it forever! I'm 3/4 of the way there and hope to have it done by the middle of next week.

And because I'm still on this blanket, the emerald has been neglected (again) I'm just not feeling the love for it at the minute since I had to tink the joining row. Maybe if I let it ferment a while longer I'll get it finished.... maybe even by the end of the month!

Monday, 13 April 2009

yardage sucks!

Despite the fact that I've just finished a pair of socks, the yardage meter isn't moving as fast as I'd want it to. In that vein, I think I'm going to accept the fact that this will be a low yardage month and be done with it.

Onto more knitting!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Zebra sock takes over!

Zebra sock
Originally uploaded by ropeadope_ie
Although the side total isn't moving, knitting is indeed taking place. This is half a pair of socks for my mum in tofutsies and they're getting on well. This sock was finished yesterday while watching Raise the Titanic, a movie based on Clive Cusslers book. The book was better in so many ways that if I went on a little rant, the rant might not end. But at least I sat and knitted for 3 hours near enough.

The second sock was started last night while watching the Dr Who Easter Special... something about a bus on mars or something. It was interesting to say the least.

My Easter plan is to start Emerald again. It was taken apart and now needs put back together. Might take me a while but I'll get there eventually!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pictures as promised!

The other day I said I would post pics of the four dishcloths, all knitted with the same cotton, to show the effect... well here they are:

This is the openstar dishcloth and the first one I did. I quite like it although something funny went on at the edges... carried on with it regardless, lol.

Next up we have the wheatfields cloth, and this was the one I finished the other day. The last cloth for a while. I quite like this one too, although it might be a bit difficult to see the pattern in the colourway of the yarn.

Thirdly, we have the diagonal slant cloth. I like the effect of this one, and,

Fourthly, the classic chequerboard effect cloth. This one shows the colourway of the cotton up best. Just wish my camera were better.

And there we have it. 4 different clothes in the same yarn equal different effects. Nice.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Still here!

I'm still here and still knitting away, just nothing that's photoworthy yet.

The Emerald has languished in its pink bag for 2 weeks now because of the evil row, and really I should have sorted that out ages ago and be wearing the thing by now! But no, I'm scared of the billion stitches I have to tink back, afraid of messing up the stitch marker placement and thats holding it all back. Shame on me! I'm going to try and get it done today, I promise!

Other than that, knitting has actually taken place. I have a cone of peaches n cream that is now very nearly done thanks to the 3 dishcloths I've knitted from it. Cloth 4 is currently in progress and once they're all done, they shall all be posted together to show how different the colourways look depending on the patterns... I've also not taken photos of them all yet, lol.

I've also started socks for the mother in tofutsies, however the way the colours go remind me of snake skin and that might be a problem if she notices that too, lol. These are pair 3 for 2009 which means I'm a pair behind.... I blame last Saturday's tragic incident. Traumatised I was!!!

Off I go to do something knitworthy!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

WIP finishing session

DPN storage device
Originally uploaded by ropeadope_ie
After the diasterous start to the afternoon, I decided to finish some wips. I have a few current Wips:

1. Emerald cardigan
2. garter swing cardigan
3. DPN holder
4. Donegal blanket.

I decided to tackle the easiest, and here it is. My wooden DPN's are quite short, so this was convenient for me since I didn't want to finish it, lol.

Eyelets to thread the tie though and a picot cast off (to try it out) and it's quite cute.

I was going to try to put a Stargate symbol on it, but maybe the next one!


I lost my knitting today and I am gutted. I had just cast on a sock last night with some random Russian yarn scraps and my 2.5mm addi needle and it was all going swimmingly. Until today when I lost it somewhere between the bottom of Ann Street and the cinema.

I rang Subway where I had it out knitting but it wasn't there. I retraced my steps from Ann Street to the cinema, and it wasn't there either. I just hope someone found it and is going to finish the sock for me.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

scarf season!

bigga flirty
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I decided tonight that I didn't want to sort out emerald, or knit the acidic cardigan, or even start a sock. Instead, I wanted to knit a scarf. And, 4 episodes of Stargate later, I have one very heavy charity scarf.

It's two colours because I had 3 balls of the light and 1 ball of the dark. I split one ball of light in half and knitted the ball and a bit, then the dark ball, then the other ball and a bit. I like it though.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Socks are done!

glacier lakes socks
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I have now, officially, finished my first pair of patterned socks! I quite like them and shall be showing everyone in work tomorrow!

One thing I liked was the pattern was VERY simple to memorise, but it did get a bit tedious. However, since the pattern was memorable, you could stop and start at will and not lose your place!

Another pair to start tomorrow - wonder what the sock club will give me this time? (I'm only a month behind on the sock club thing by the way - maybe I'll catch up during the summer)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Another FO for the collection!

All knitting had ceased while I knitted a scarf. It's meant to be Spring here but as it was snowing on Sunday I thought the scarf was a necessary project. Its a double dropped scarf and knitted in King Cole Spot On DK and was quite a nice acrylic to knit with.

Onlyproblem is, I cast on too many stitches and its a tad short but hopefully I can block it longer!

Friday, 6 March 2009


Currently trying to knit a top down cardigan for Siobhan out of yarn I had a few balls of but bought more... its my first attempt at a top down item and needless to say its not going well. I've already ripped it once and I tried it on Siobhan and its too tight across the back. Blah. I tried it on her friend Chloe and it seems to fit her ok so I'm going to finish it and give it to her.

it sucks that I'm going to have to reknit it AGAIN! The year of the reknits continues it seems :(

Monday, 2 March 2009

the sound of silence...

its been a bit quiet round here and thats because I'm still knitting the socks. I did manage to get the first one finished last night and started the second too.

Be prepared for the silence to continue for a while until something more interesting happens!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

socks galore!

On wednesday at SnB I started a sock. This was the second time this particular sock had been cast on... I tell a lie. it was the third. The yarn is King Cole ZigZag in Cloudy and it was my intention to turn it from a ball of yarn into a pair of broadripples. After sourcing the DPN's I proceeded to cast on, cuff down. I didn't like that so went online to thisisknit and bought a 3.25mm addi. Once it arrived I cast on again, toe up. After a few pattern repeats, I realised that you couldn't actually SEE the pattern, so ripped it out.

Attempt number 3 was a plain sock. I'd had enough messing about with patterns and just decided to go for a plain attempt. I cast on Wednesday, took Thursday off work sick and turned the heel. Then I decided that I could maybe possibly do an easy pattern on the leg. Enter the Glacier Lake toe up socks! Nice simple pattern that even I can't get wrong... and for my first pattern it's going rather well I think.

Hopefully my first pair of patterned socks will be done by mid March... but I'm also knitting Emerald at the same time so who know if the socks will be done at all!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Busy week!

During last week I was knitting away on a DreamSwatch headwrap for my sister as a sort of Valentine's present. Unfortunately, she wasn't here for Valentines but that didn't matter much since it was only stuck on the blocking boards at about 5pm on the Day itself, lol. Its nice, I like it and so does she so I think thats all that matters... plus I get to save 50p for a completed item!! Its the simple things that make me happy, lol

One headwrap in Sirdar Duet. Matt and shiny black!!

At Christmas, I decided to knit a hat for my granny. I first tried the hat thing for her in about 2007 but it was a diaster so I decided to try again for 2008. I knitted it up and realised it was a but too big but gave it to her anyway cuz basically I didn't think she'd wear it.

After Christmas, she said she's rip it out and I could reknit it. I said not to rip it cuz it would be a complete nightmare since its patons spirit and not the easiest yarn to rip (knitting it was bad enough) She called up to the house a few weeks later with a bag of bits... biggish balls, small balls and strings of yarn. I had another ball of the stuff here! It didn't need to be ripped out!!!

Yesterday she asked about the hat. I hadn't started it cuz I couldnt find a nice enough pattern but I went on ravelry, found a random bulky hat pattern and went for it. I completed it 5 hours later, and hope to all the yarn gods that it fits this time cuz I don't want to reknit it ever again!!!
Hat take 3.... never knitting her a hat again!

Sunday, 8 February 2009


So after my determination to get the 3.25mm dpn's, I decided to cast on the broadripples yesterday. After 6 rounds, i decided i didn't like the looseness of the dpn's and this morning, I resumed the hunt for a 3.25mm addi.

I found them at and they are on their way to me now. I also got a 3mm addi and a 3.25 for Nicky who didn't know they came in that size.

Now that the broadripples are on hold, I'm going to knit some bedsocks in sirdar hug to keep up the sock momentum and as its snowing hard right now, they might be useful shortly!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

About time too...

I have finally managed to get my hands on some 3.25mm DPN's so I can now start the broadripple socks. It's taken 3 days because the yarn shop in the town center doesn't sell decent sized needles, so today I ended up in CraftWorld who, incidentally, have a far better selection of needles that the stupid yarn shop.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Dinner time conversations

dad: I wore those socks today

me: and what was wrong with them?

dad: there's only one pair. How do I go about getting more and what do i do tomorrow? Wear thin socks again?

So he likes them, they fit and the only issue is that the cast off on one sock is too loose (but i knew that already)

he might get another pair after all, lol

Monday, 2 February 2009

Bummer :(

I came home from work today with the intention of casting on the broadripples socks and another project but when I checked the needle size for both projects... I don't have them. How can I not have 3.25mm DPN's in my room?? I've every other size needle and what was the chances that both projects i wanted to start today required THE SAME needles????

Fate is against me.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Quite a day I've been having!

Wow! I just finished these a few minutes ago. These are my dad's socks that I started on 7 January. They're made out of Trekking and took a lot of yarn since he has big feet, lol. I don't have large sock blockers so I just threw them on the floor and took a snap with the crap camera.

Also today, I finished the rib and seaming on the jumper. So all in all it's been a dad knitting day!

In the sock club spirit, I've opened the next envelope. The process was scary - what evil socks would I get that I couldn't knit??? In the end, it wasn't so bad - Broadripple Socks in King Cole ZigZag followed by the plain KnitPicks that we dyed with the Kool Aid (I'll get a pic up soon)

I only have one WIP now (the evil Donegal blanket) and I dont want to knit it, lol. So onwards to bed followed by some casting on tomorrow!!!

Total time!

Well, the month is over and I can safely say that I DID NOT purchase any yarn, whatsoever.

I was gifted a ball of Opal but thats a gift and doesn't count.

So the total so far stands at 1236yards of yarn used in January. I don't know if this is good or not, but I'll take it. (even though it was less than December's total of 1581 yards which was 0.9 miles) Naturally I couldn't bring myself to refinish the rib on the jumper last night, so what would have been more yards will be carried over to today once I finish reseaming the thing. I hate reknits :(

So here we go:

Used 391g
Yards 1236
Bought 0g
Gifted to me 100g
Mileage 0.7 miles.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Rib in my future

I've been sitting here (in this one spot and not online) since 1.30 this afternoon. I've been redoing the rib on my dad's jumper and as of 8pm I have 4cm done. In 6.5 hours, I'm only half way!!!! Its evil, and horrible and there's too many stitches!!!!!!

The other project on the go at the minute is my dad's second sock. I managed to get the heel done on Wednesday night and the majority of the leg last night. Right now, I'm about to embark on a lot of 2x2 rib... for far too long!

There's nothing but rib in my future it seems, and I'm ITCHING to cast on something new. If, however, I do start a new project the jumper and sock will never be finished.

Sigh. Off to the rib again it seems.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Bit bored.

I was a bit bored of the sock last night and didn't want to continue the rib of the jumper, so I started this. It's a nice feather n fan pattern and is coming along nice and quickly.

Off to knit some more and watch the rest of Atlantis!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

thank goodness for that!

This, my knitting friends, is a baby cardigan. The colour is the photo is dodgy, there were 100 million ends to be woven in as well as buttons to put on. It's also been taunting me since November 2008 to knit it.

However, this little cardigan has no home to go to now that its out of the Wip basket. it is donating £1 to the "use ball of yarn" fund and 50p because its now a FO - as for where the actual cardigan will end up, who knows!

I believe this little pain will have a fulfilling life once it travels in a plastic bag collected by charity workers... a fulfilling life if my seaming holds up that is!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Does this count?

On Wednesday, at SnB, Jolene gave me my Christmas present - a "Hand it to 'em" glove kit from Unfortunately, the kit contained sock yarn in which to create the said gloves.

In my whole "no new yarn" thing, does this count as a 2008 intake (since it was for Christmas after all) or a 2009 (since this is when it was received)

More to the point - how do I put this one into the notebook? My categories are used and bought, so should I start a new category for gifted??

This, simple as it probably is, hurts my brain, lol.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Death of the jumper!

We went to Starbucks after work last night for Nicky to disassemble the jumper. 3 hours later the cast on edge was no more. Unfortunately, the darn thing just wouldn't rip out so... I took the scissors to it and cut off the rib. I cut the jumper!!!!!

Its currently lying in a tesco bag for life on a needle, waiting for the new rib to be put in.

Did I mention that this is only the back of the jumper??? It's going to be a repeat performance next week for the front!

I may faint at the thought of cutting it again, lol

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Remember, remember the Jumper in November??

Remember I knitted a jumper for my dad's birthday last year?? Well as it was an inch or so too short, he hasn't worn it much.

Tomorrow, the jumper is being taken apart at the bottom seams, cast on edge is being undone and its being frogged for a good 2 inches! I don't have the guts to do it, so Nicky is, lol.

At least if its the correct length it'll actually get worn... and all these extra balls of yarn will be put to work!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

How very interesting!

I have a 2008 diary that I used to keep track of the yarn in/out and completed projects. Since I last purchased yarn in November 2008, I thought I would have a look to see just precicely how many days it's been since I last made a purchase.

As of right now, its been 72 days... thats right, 72 whole days since yarn came into my house. This, I think, is mighty impressive. And you know, its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I've looked on yarn sites at the sale stuff, contemplated buying it and closed down the window. I have a lot of stash, I don't need anymore for a while.

I'm having a sock issue though. I'm in the midst of a father sized sock and although its going swimmingly, I believe I don't have enough yarn for a decent lengthed leg. It took 30g of yarn to do the foot and heel and I don't know if he'll wear them with a shortened leg. I guess the only way to find out is to knit the darned thing. I wound 50g off the ball for the other sock, so the entire ball will be used this time (usually I have something left over)

Onto the sock then!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Photo time!

It's been a few posts since I managed to get a picture of something nice on here, so we have the pink candyfloss shawl that I finished last night at the SnB. its quite a nice soft and warm shawl and I'm beginning to really like it!

The colour is very accurate in the photo and the length isn't too bad. I think another ball (i.e another few rows) and I would have been happier with the width, but you can't knit with what you haven't got, and that defeats the 100 ball challenge after all, lol.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Good Day today!

Today was a good knitting day - I finished the pink shawl, used another ball of yarn and cast on my dad's sock. These are his first pair so I'm hoping I've guessed the correct number of stitches. I'm going to go now, finish the increasing and make him try it on!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I know I'm a day or 5 late, but I took myself off to Donegal for the New Year with some knitting friends, and knitted.

I was slightly deluded as to what I could actually accomplish up there (I brought stuff to knit a jumper, shawl, socks and finish a baby cardigan) Needless to say, those 4 items were not completed. I did cast on the shawl and knit through 100g of Sirdar Blur which helps with the 100 ball knitdown challenge (there's a list on the side so I can keep track of what I've used) Unfortunately, the shawl wasn't necessary, at the top of the list or urgent. It was a distraction, a procrastination tool. I didn't want to seam the cardigan and I didn't want to do 14 inches of 2x2 rib over 230+ stitches.

I'll get the cardigan finished this week, same goes for the shawl (hopefully) The socks will be cast on and so will the jumper.... a few evil rows at a time, but it'll get done.

As for mysock club, I'm not starting that until the Trekking socks are done. So I suppose these socks are unofficially the first of the year (although they kicked my butt last year and should have been done then)

Off to get cracking on this shawl then!