Friday, 22 January 2016


When the blog was resurrected, it was my plan to blog on a Tuesday.  Why a Tuesday?  Well firstly my husband was out on and Tuesday so that would put an instant stop to the stupid questions like "why are you taking pictures of your knitting? " and secondly, I could maybe have something decent to talk about from the weekend.

Alas, you may have noticed the random posting days. This is because I find it difficult to get type anything decent on my phone. My laptop I'd currently with my brother who is operating on it:

It's touch and go apparently but he hopes it'll survive the mending process.

Many moons ago the knitting group made a lot of cup cozies for our Starbucks to sell for their charity. Well a few weeks ago I was in and saw that they had put out the cozies... and as of today there aren't many left:

I'm quite glad that people are buying them, it is for charity after all.

I'm now off to get an update on the patient.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Wip wrestling

Well the New Year has started and I've decided that working down the wips will be my first task for the year. 

I'd love to have zero pre 2016 projects by the end of the month but I some how doubt that's going to happen.

I started off by going through all the project bags, pulling out the contents and throwing them into an ever expanding pile.

The next step was to separate into quick finishes and those that needed a bit more work.

Quick finishes usually involved sorting out the ends and the first project to cross the finishing line was a dress I started in June:

Next up was another dress, this time from August. This just needs some ribbing around the neck and it's done, but it's a bit of a pain so it can wait another day or two.

I did find half a sock in a bag, so its my handbag project. I think it was started in September for a Christmas present so I'm hoping it'll be shortly joined with a friend and I can tick someone off the Christmas list. 

I started and nearly finished this cardigan in December but the fates intervened and I ran out of yarn with 6 rows to go. So I stuffed it in a bag and threw it in a corner. I pulled it out on Sunday and took a ball of green with me to knitting, and together we all came up with the pocket and crochet edgings. It's a hideous little thing though.
Finally, more socks. These were handbags socks that were knitted everywhere. They were finished last week and will be going to their new owner today.

But, with all these things above (and more) still needing some TLC I'm working away on a test knit. It's  nearly done and then I'll post pics.