Friday, 22 January 2016


When the blog was resurrected, it was my plan to blog on a Tuesday.  Why a Tuesday?  Well firstly my husband was out on and Tuesday so that would put an instant stop to the stupid questions like "why are you taking pictures of your knitting? " and secondly, I could maybe have something decent to talk about from the weekend.

Alas, you may have noticed the random posting days. This is because I find it difficult to get type anything decent on my phone. My laptop I'd currently with my brother who is operating on it:

It's touch and go apparently but he hopes it'll survive the mending process.

Many moons ago the knitting group made a lot of cup cozies for our Starbucks to sell for their charity. Well a few weeks ago I was in and saw that they had put out the cozies... and as of today there aren't many left:

I'm quite glad that people are buying them, it is for charity after all.

I'm now off to get an update on the patient.

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