Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Baby steps

Last week at knitting my friend Sharon was doing her practical work in order to become a colour reader. Always up for a go at new things, Sharon read my cards and all the colours pointed to one thing: my stash is holding me back.

As the last post shows, the stash in the living room is huge! And thats only the tip of the iceberg. Sharon suggested that I move yarn that doesn't make my hear sing. After hearing this shocking suggestion, shedding a little tear or two, I agreed to try to cull the stash.

Its actually quite easy to let go. Even after sitting and thinking about it for a few minutes, I was able to come up with a list of yarns that I was happy enough to move out of the house.... and here it is.

start small
It took a whole 10 minutes to pull the yarn out of its various nooks and crannies and be piled up on the floor. A quick whatsapp chat later and half the yarn already has a new home, the rest will be brought to knitting tomorrow and, if there's still some left over, it'll go straight to the charity shop.

Its leaving tomorrow, never to return!!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Once upon a time

There was a knitter who loved yarn. She loved yarn so much that the house was coming down with it! She decided, with a heavy heart, to start Cold Sheeping.
Many years passed. She stopped blogging so she could concentrate on knitting down her stash. Alas, she was just kidding the world and herself. The stash increased….decreased…..increased and decreased again.
By this time, she has three separate stash locations – at the top of the stairs, underneath the stairs and in the living room.  Being a knitter, she doesn’t blame herself, she blames The Summer.  It was during The Summer that the living room stash started to grow….and by September it was definitely out of control!
The knitter decided that “enough was enough!” and it was HAVE to be dealt with. Friends encouraged her to have a serious purge, but no, she couldn’t do that. She’d just have to knit it all up.
So here it is, the living room stash in all its glory:

Looks harmless, doesn’t it.  Well this monster can be divided into 3 categories.

Caegory 1: I know what I’m doing with you!

This cheeky selection will become socks, washcloths, hats, a shawl and a little jumper or two.  The knitter reckons that this category (apart from the shawl  that is) can and should be knitted up quickly enough. Plans are in place and she just needs time.

Category 2: ALL the kits

One of these kits pictured (and another that escaped) were purchased in August while on holiday. The knitter thought the little boy kit was so nice that she’d go back and get the pink one – there is a flurry of babies and one never knows when one will need pink! It was while the purchasing of the pink kit was taking place that the evil sales lady brought out all the Not one to resist a bargain, the knitter took them all -  well, hats and scarves are just so quick aren’t they!
Once category 1 is completed, this selection will be next on the hit list.

Finally, we have category 3: What on earth was I thinking!

Yup, a miscellaneous category. There are inklings of ideas with some of these yarns, and other will be paired up with yarn from the top of the stairs stash.

But baby steps -  one skein at a time and I’m sure our intrepid knitter will clear the living room of the invading yarns!