Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New project!

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I finished my socks at the weekend in Donegal... and Nicky fixed Emerald for me (although technically I didn't touch it at all) I don't like the socks very much, I got bored with the pattern and therefore made the legs too short, lol, I'll wear them though.

I started a new project last night (do I hear cries of "why don't you just finish Emerald and get it over and done with?!") and its this cardigan. I bought lots of Paton's Vintage in February or March I believe, and I'm hoping to get this cardigan out of the 14 balls I have... it might be a close call though. I even have the buttons purchased!!!

As you may be able to tell from the bad photo, there's the patterned bit on the front and on the sleeves. Well, its there o the back too, so I'm going to omit ALL the pattern bit, except for the fronts.

I have one further thing to add about this cardigan. If my mother, its intended recipient, doesn't wear it, she's NEVER getting a hand knitted item again (the zebra socks still haven't been worn you know.)

As for Emerald, I'll get there eventually :)

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