Saturday, 2 May 2009


Well, despite the low mileage total for April, I have knitted a lot. I finished socks, a baby blanket and a cardigan thing and I can't believe the total wasn't higher!

So this month (so far) I've been knitting away on a new pair of socks and am now onto the leg of sock #1. These ones may take a while since they're fully patterned but I have until the end of May to finish them... I've to try and fit a quick pair in somewhere to bring me back to my regularly scheduled pair per month thing. Might knit a pair for Siobhan out of the leftover tofutsies.

I've also knitted a few rows of a new cardigan for my mum out of the rest of the Patons Vintage I have... this is the stuff I already had but bought more to do the garter swing cardi and then I bought EVEN MORE of the stuff for this cardigan. I think I'm defeating the 100 ball knit down challenge here, lol. But I'm getting there, especially if I knit the stuff I've bought which I plan to do.

As for the Emerald... still hasn't been touched and I'm a bad knitter for leaving it languishing in its bag. It's the bank holiday weekend though, so miracles may yet happen and the sleeves may be attached after all.

lets wait and see, lol


Fairytale Frog said...

Did miracles happen?

Nikki said...

no, miracles did not happen... maybe in Donegal?

Fairytale Frog said...

No maybe girly, it will happen in Donegal ... if you're not drooling too much over the eye candy, oh wait - that'll be me!

Nikki said...

hey, I can knit and drool you know! Why do you think I knit so much when watching Supernatural?!?!