Sunday, 10 May 2009

Weekend Frolicks!

custom house
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After much plan making, plan changing, plan cancelling on Friday, Nicky texted to let me know that she wasn't staying in work like a good girl, but was very determined to run (hobble) screaming from the building.

We met up for a Starbucks SnB where much crafting was done before heading to Nados for dinner. After nice munchies, we were heading to Cityside's Ben and Jerry for ice cream (its cheaper than the Odeon) when we heard music wafting from Custom House Square... there was a bit of a music festival thing going on, so we sat on the steps and listened for a while. The band we heard was called Frightened Rabbit and were really very good.

We decided that we would possibly repeat the evening more regularly which will be great fun!

Saturday was a first aid course for the Scouts so no knitting was done. However, when I got back, I completely cleared out my room in preparation for it being redecorated. You know, I knew I had a lot of yarn... but it was EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously, I have far too much of the stuff... time to get some serious destashing done!

As for today, I've been knitting on my Dan Bar socks and have finished the foot and heel, so am now on the leg and the end is in sight!!! Hopefully they'll be finished soon, but as all the yarn is in the cubby, the next project could be difficult to locate, lol

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