Monday, 16 February 2009

Busy week!

During last week I was knitting away on a DreamSwatch headwrap for my sister as a sort of Valentine's present. Unfortunately, she wasn't here for Valentines but that didn't matter much since it was only stuck on the blocking boards at about 5pm on the Day itself, lol. Its nice, I like it and so does she so I think thats all that matters... plus I get to save 50p for a completed item!! Its the simple things that make me happy, lol

One headwrap in Sirdar Duet. Matt and shiny black!!

At Christmas, I decided to knit a hat for my granny. I first tried the hat thing for her in about 2007 but it was a diaster so I decided to try again for 2008. I knitted it up and realised it was a but too big but gave it to her anyway cuz basically I didn't think she'd wear it.

After Christmas, she said she's rip it out and I could reknit it. I said not to rip it cuz it would be a complete nightmare since its patons spirit and not the easiest yarn to rip (knitting it was bad enough) She called up to the house a few weeks later with a bag of bits... biggish balls, small balls and strings of yarn. I had another ball of the stuff here! It didn't need to be ripped out!!!

Yesterday she asked about the hat. I hadn't started it cuz I couldnt find a nice enough pattern but I went on ravelry, found a random bulky hat pattern and went for it. I completed it 5 hours later, and hope to all the yarn gods that it fits this time cuz I don't want to reknit it ever again!!!
Hat take 3.... never knitting her a hat again!


Fairytale Frog said...

I really hope she likes this one! This is when knitting for knitters has it's problems ... they can be picky (and they know about ripping and reknitting lol)

Nikki said...

she said she did and she wore it, but just the once. I've decide to only knit for my granda since he wears his hat and mitts all the time.

She's not a knitter, just fussy, lol.

Fairytale Frog said...

She doesn't knit? The cheek of it!