Sunday, 22 February 2009

socks galore!

On wednesday at SnB I started a sock. This was the second time this particular sock had been cast on... I tell a lie. it was the third. The yarn is King Cole ZigZag in Cloudy and it was my intention to turn it from a ball of yarn into a pair of broadripples. After sourcing the DPN's I proceeded to cast on, cuff down. I didn't like that so went online to thisisknit and bought a 3.25mm addi. Once it arrived I cast on again, toe up. After a few pattern repeats, I realised that you couldn't actually SEE the pattern, so ripped it out.

Attempt number 3 was a plain sock. I'd had enough messing about with patterns and just decided to go for a plain attempt. I cast on Wednesday, took Thursday off work sick and turned the heel. Then I decided that I could maybe possibly do an easy pattern on the leg. Enter the Glacier Lake toe up socks! Nice simple pattern that even I can't get wrong... and for my first pattern it's going rather well I think.

Hopefully my first pair of patterned socks will be done by mid March... but I'm also knitting Emerald at the same time so who know if the socks will be done at all!


Fairytale Frog said...

I frequently rip out socks about four times before I eventually commit to them, I'm such a sock-ommitment-phobe!

Nikki said...

should a rav group be started for such a thing???

Fairytale Frog said...

I see a bright future for this ... we should brainstorm!

Nikki said...

we'd better start it soon! If we don't, all my other blog readers will steal the idea and claim it as their own! *looks around at other blog reader* I think our idea is safe!