Saturday, 17 January 2009

Death of the jumper!

We went to Starbucks after work last night for Nicky to disassemble the jumper. 3 hours later the cast on edge was no more. Unfortunately, the darn thing just wouldn't rip out so... I took the scissors to it and cut off the rib. I cut the jumper!!!!!

Its currently lying in a tesco bag for life on a needle, waiting for the new rib to be put in.

Did I mention that this is only the back of the jumper??? It's going to be a repeat performance next week for the front!

I may faint at the thought of cutting it again, lol


Dulcinea said...

Well done! Steeking will be wee buns after this!

Fairytale Frog said...

That was a painful experience, but we learnt a lot!

Nikki said...

Indeed we did... you cant rip out rib from the cast on edge up! Lesson learnt.