Tuesday, 20 January 2009

thank goodness for that!

This, my knitting friends, is a baby cardigan. The colour is the photo is dodgy, there were 100 million ends to be woven in as well as buttons to put on. It's also been taunting me since November 2008 to knit it.

However, this little cardigan has no home to go to now that its out of the Wip basket. it is donating £1 to the "use ball of yarn" fund and 50p because its now a FO - as for where the actual cardigan will end up, who knows!

I believe this little pain will have a fulfilling life once it travels in a plastic bag collected by charity workers... a fulfilling life if my seaming holds up that is!


Fairytale Frog said...

Dodgy photo alert! lol .... poor little homeless baby cardigan!

Nikki said...

Yes, I know about the camera... but it was dark and the camera is crap and its always bad!!!