Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Another FO for the collection!

All knitting had ceased while I knitted a scarf. It's meant to be Spring here but as it was snowing on Sunday I thought the scarf was a necessary project. Its a double dropped scarf and knitted in King Cole Spot On DK and was quite a nice acrylic to knit with.

Onlyproblem is, I cast on too many stitches and its a tad short but hopefully I can block it longer!


Fairytale Frog said...

Dear Blogger,

I have one query for you - Blocking?!?!?! What is this of which you speak?

a bad knitter

Nikki said...

Alas, I am unsure myself but I have heard other knitters speak of such a thing.

Fairytale Frog said...

Yes I believe I have heard mention of it, however I am sure it is only a myth!

Nikki said...

someone somewhere may have even tried it