Sunday, 8 November 2009

a little ramble

Just did a quick count of the number of skeins of yarn I have, based on the info on ravelry. I have 411. Now I knew I had a lot, but with the stash knitdown that I was (am) doing, I had hoped to have decreased that number (I’ve used/gifted 89balls this year which isn’t too bad really, hope to get to 100 by New Years Eve)

However, I have added 58 balls to the stash in many varying weights and honestly its mostly sock yarn. Given that I’ve managed to knit 11 pairs of socks this year and my sock stash is rapidly increasing, I really should knit nothing but socks for a while, lol.

Why am I waffling like this? Simple. I was in a bad, but the only LYS we have here, and they had nice aran yarn for 99p per ball. Conveniently I have a pattern book for kids knits in this yarn and I thought to myself “here’s a chance to get something nice and knit it up!” hence the yarn count. I was going to buy at least 6 balls but have just realised that this is rather silly due to the huge number of balls in my stash that aren’t leaving. Instead, I’ve decided to purchase one ball, and one ball only to knit the pattern using the yarn I already have that’s required. One ball to use up 5 that I already have isn’t too bad… is it?

Also, I don’t even think I’ll get round to knitting the kids cardigan hoodie thing this year so really I’m buying yarn to carry over to 2010. I need to finish my Christmas knitting and start planning my 2010 knits… which will be for me and me alone!!!


Dulcinea said...

Good luck converting to the selfish knitting strategy - bet you find it's hard to stick to!

Loved those bright stripy socks.

Fairytale Frog said...

Surely knitting a child's aran hoodie isn't knitting for yourself? Or am I getting confused?

Does knitting for yourself mean only knitting things for you to wear? Or only knitting things you want to knit?

Nikki said...

just the things I want to knit like the stuff in my queue that may be oven mitts or a car cozy, lol.