Sunday, 6 September 2009

My current knitting

pisces socks
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So as I changed the knitting rota, I've been chugging away on these socks. I finished the cuff on Wednesday night at SnB and cast on the second one. I managed to get the foot and the heel finished last night, with a bit of the leg too.

But, as today is Sunday I thought I'd start something else for the coming week (as per the on a week, off a week scheme) so I settled on a cardigan for a 2 year old. The one I'm doing is the one on the top left but without the stripes. (see how I tried to cover everything else on the page, lol) I'm hoping it won't take too long, but come Sunday its back to the sock!


Fairytale Frog said...

The socks are looking lovely! Is this part of the schedule though? It's Debbie's cardigan, right?

Nikki said...

it is indeed all scheduled in. better get it all done quick though, much to do, lol