Thursday, 10 December 2015

Decisions decisions

While sitting in Starbucks last night I asked my fellow knitters for their opinion on my 'over Christmas knitting' while I ate the cream off my hot chocolate with a spoonSo, do I :

1.  Finish some wips like the dress that just needs it's ribbed bits done, or my sisters cardigan. ..

2. Start a beaded knit night for me,

3. Make a start on a multi stranded blanket that will eat miles of yarn, or

4. Tackle the sock stash (This large bag is just SOME of the sock stash)

It started to look like the sock stash tackling would win, so I'm throwing it out there.

And, while the jury is out, I'll get on with knitting my reflective hat.  Health and safety begins at home after all. 


Jaele said...

How about sock stash AND knit night? Cause you can never have just one (or 3) wip! ;-)

Nikki said...

Ohhh 2 things! The knit night might take ages cuz of ALL the beads I'm hoping to throw in it. So maybe knit night first?