Monday, 10 May 2010

Poor clapotis

As you may recall, I dropped the wrong stitch on the clapotis. On Saturday, Nicky showed me how to pick up all the stitches and set me the task of having them all picked up for Snb on Wednesday. My task is complete and I've tinked back a few rows to the next dropped stitch. Alas, I'm afraid to tink back any further so shall leave it in her capable hands.

On the cardigan front, I took it into work today to show Ann. She loves it. I've 1cm to knit before I start on the sleeves. Still really quite proud of myself for (a) mock cabling (b) reading a chart, and (c) knitting with more than one colour.

I think a quick knit next... I've a DS lite cozy queued on ravelry and have one ball of SWTC Karaoke and think I'll knit it out of that. It'll keep the DS warm and toasty and decrease the threat of it ending up broken at the botton of my bag, lol.

Question: Whats the chances I'll be able to keep my knitting, and knit at Wednesdays Metallica concert???

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