Sunday, 9 May 2010

Little Pebbles

blue pebbles
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I think I love this project. It's fantastically quick and super cute. Although the photo has no buttons on it, I went to Ards knitting yesterday and visited the wool shop there and after much deliberation it was decided that bright green with white stripes would be the buttons of the day. Just have to sew them on now.

Good news on the Clapotis front... Nicky has started to pick the dropped stitches up and I've to have that finished by Wednesday and the knitted rows ripped back to the dropped one so that it can be repaired... all without frogging back rows and rows. Guess I live up to my ravelry name now, lol.

Started a new project yesterday too. A girl in work saw this pattern in my magazine in September and has wanted me to knit it ever since. Lot of learing in this one cardigan - mock cable, reading a chart and knitting with more than one colour! But its really cute and I'm just about finished with the bottom heart. Bit of a break with rows of stocking stitch and back to the colours again

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