Sunday, 31 May 2009

Total time!

I thought it might be interesting to put out there just where I am on the knitting front.

I have just moments ago finished the 37th ball - I have knitted 33 of these and donated 4 to other people. I'm happy with myself although you can't actually see the small hole where these 37 balls used to be, lol.

So from January until May we have the following:

January - Bought no yarn, used 391g so for the month I was +391g

February - Bought 700g, used 748g so for the month I was +48g

March - Bought 900g, used 1358g so for the month I was + 458g

April - Bought 1000g, used 688g so for the month I was -322g

May - Bought no yarn, used 250g so for the month I was +250g

Generally it seems that the numbers are going in the right direction, and the used yarn doesn't count the gifted to me or by me stuff. I'm destashing slowly but surely, and this month was basically socks, lol.

I think the important thing is that for two months this year I have bought nothing. There's 7 months left, lets see how many more yarn free months I can do!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

More socks done!

prisma socks
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Look what I finished last night, and you can probably tell from the picture where they were finished.

These ones are for my little sister, and I'mglad she has small feet - I can use up those pesky part balls of sock yarn to make her socks, lol.

Because today is a really good day here in good ole N.Ireland, Nicky and I are heading to Belfast Castle for a bit of a walk and a knit. I shall not be starting new socks (they would have used the other part ball of tofutsies) but instead I shall continue with the back of the Paton's Vintage Cardigan.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New project!

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I finished my socks at the weekend in Donegal... and Nicky fixed Emerald for me (although technically I didn't touch it at all) I don't like the socks very much, I got bored with the pattern and therefore made the legs too short, lol, I'll wear them though.

I started a new project last night (do I hear cries of "why don't you just finish Emerald and get it over and done with?!") and its this cardigan. I bought lots of Paton's Vintage in February or March I believe, and I'm hoping to get this cardigan out of the 14 balls I have... it might be a close call though. I even have the buttons purchased!!!

As you may be able to tell from the bad photo, there's the patterned bit on the front and on the sleeves. Well, its there o the back too, so I'm going to omit ALL the pattern bit, except for the fronts.

I have one further thing to add about this cardigan. If my mother, its intended recipient, doesn't wear it, she's NEVER getting a hand knitted item again (the zebra socks still haven't been worn you know.)

As for Emerald, I'll get there eventually :)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I am determined

to come home from Donegal on Sunday night with some totals to put on the "I knitted this month" board. I've been knitting those stupid socks forever now and I'm fed up of them not being done! But by jove, I will have those suckers off the needles this weekend.

I'm also determined to get SOMETHING done on Emerald. Yes, poor emerald is still hibernating away, but since I'm going to Donegal where nothing but knitting takes place, I'm hopeful that progress will be made on it.

If, on the off chance, I come home and emerald hasn't been touched, feel free to send evil nasty things my general direction :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Weekend Frolicks!

custom house
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After much plan making, plan changing, plan cancelling on Friday, Nicky texted to let me know that she wasn't staying in work like a good girl, but was very determined to run (hobble) screaming from the building.

We met up for a Starbucks SnB where much crafting was done before heading to Nados for dinner. After nice munchies, we were heading to Cityside's Ben and Jerry for ice cream (its cheaper than the Odeon) when we heard music wafting from Custom House Square... there was a bit of a music festival thing going on, so we sat on the steps and listened for a while. The band we heard was called Frightened Rabbit and were really very good.

We decided that we would possibly repeat the evening more regularly which will be great fun!

Saturday was a first aid course for the Scouts so no knitting was done. However, when I got back, I completely cleared out my room in preparation for it being redecorated. You know, I knew I had a lot of yarn... but it was EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously, I have far too much of the stuff... time to get some serious destashing done!

As for today, I've been knitting on my Dan Bar socks and have finished the foot and heel, so am now on the leg and the end is in sight!!! Hopefully they'll be finished soon, but as all the yarn is in the cubby, the next project could be difficult to locate, lol

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Well, despite the low mileage total for April, I have knitted a lot. I finished socks, a baby blanket and a cardigan thing and I can't believe the total wasn't higher!

So this month (so far) I've been knitting away on a new pair of socks and am now onto the leg of sock #1. These ones may take a while since they're fully patterned but I have until the end of May to finish them... I've to try and fit a quick pair in somewhere to bring me back to my regularly scheduled pair per month thing. Might knit a pair for Siobhan out of the leftover tofutsies.

I've also knitted a few rows of a new cardigan for my mum out of the rest of the Patons Vintage I have... this is the stuff I already had but bought more to do the garter swing cardi and then I bought EVEN MORE of the stuff for this cardigan. I think I'm defeating the 100 ball knit down challenge here, lol. But I'm getting there, especially if I knit the stuff I've bought which I plan to do.

As for the Emerald... still hasn't been touched and I'm a bad knitter for leaving it languishing in its bag. It's the bank holiday weekend though, so miracles may yet happen and the sleeves may be attached after all.

lets wait and see, lol