Thursday, 23 October 2008

Bye bye moonglow!

Having taken the stern talking to by Gaietygirl seriously, I finished the MJ's on Tuesday night. They were meant to be mine but I put them on my sister for a photo and once the flash went, she scarpered off in them! They now have a new home on her feet, which suits me since I don't think I did them right, lol. But by finishing them I completed another project AND finished another 50g of yarn.

As a once subscriber of *shudder* the Art of KNitting, I had more than a few balls of nasty acrylic lying around. I think there's about 30 of them doing nothing but taking up space and giving me more yarn to try and get rid of. Well, a girl in work volunteers at an animal shelter and they need blankets for the cats and dogs so what better way to (a) help the shelter and (b)get rid of the evil AOK yarn!!!

I'm on my first (of many) doggy blankets and reckon 10 balls would make a decent enough size blanket - currently I'm on ball 3. Just a way to go, lol, but destashing is destashing after all!

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