Sunday, 31 July 2016

Silence is golden

For the past few weeks we've had 2 visitors here at Stash sister and her Westie.

My sister only knits in my presence so that I stop nagging her about how great a hobby it is, how you can make the item you see in your head exactly as you imagine it etc. So in the above photo, she's keeping me happy by knitting a mitt. 

She actually finished them, and was rather chuffed with herself (as you would be) so she started another pair. The yarn she used was Stylecraft Cabaret in Rainbow and they're really pretty.  The yarn has a strand of metallic thread running though it which makes them shiny...thats probably what drew her attention to them in the first place actually.

As for the pattern, it had to be something easy that she could follow without too many complicated stitches and no purling! So one pattern sprung to mind - Ysolde's garter stitch mitts.

Even I managed to rustle up a pair or two of these. There are 2 pairs of these, honest. For his I used Adriafil Knitcol and knitted the pattern up as written. For mine, well I've a thick wrist so I made the mitt a repeat wider and it fits well. As for the yarn, well I received this skein in the Christmas swap a while ago and thought that it would make perfect mitts - its Fine Fish Yarns DK in a lovely blue called Innis.

The gruesome twosome left on Wednesday and Friday, so the house has been very quiet without them. Himself keeps looking for Gibbs and is a bit disappointed when he remembers that he's gone home (seems he was a bit mopey which is a victory for us, lol) and I've a mitt to fix for the sister.....but I am getting loads done on my shawl.

I did get new yarn this week, all the way from Australia, but I'll leave that for another day.

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