Thursday, 21 July 2016


A few weeks ago, in the looming days before World Wide Knit in Public Day, the hubby and I took a little trip on the Stenaline from Belfast to Cairnryan. I had gotten very cheap seats in the St Patrick’s Day sale (and, with hindsight, I should have bought a few more seats) so it was a very cheap day out.

He packed his book and I, obviously, packed my knitting - there were still a lot of creatures to create for the WWKIPD!

While on the trip we got upgraded to the very posh Stenaplus all because the captain couldn’t let us on the bridge (It’s a long story)!

So, we’re sitting in Stenplus in our big swirly leather chairs drinking the free wine (well, he was, I wasn’t) when something happened

From my needles a little ladybug was born!


This is Max.

Max is rather a shy little ladybug.

Shy but with a curiosity about the world around him. He stared out the window trying to work out where he was.

All that looking and staring didn't help him, go he tried logging into the ships computer....

But that didn't work. It drove him to drink!

And donuts

Ahhh! Tartan biscuits! Scotland must be involved!

He wondered if this magazine would help

Ah, he could see land! But he still didn't know where he was.

Luckily Max met two other ladybugs, Marcus and Marian. They told Max that he was born on the journey home from Scotland 

And that he would now be living in Northern Ireland!!

Max, Marcus and Marian moved into our house after that journey. I would like to say 'and they all lived happily ever after' but alas that's not true.

Marcus and Marian went to our World Wide Knitting in Public Day and spent the day playing games with the children...and they never came home. 

Max likes to think that they're having fun playing every day....maybe one day he'll see them again.


Jaele said...

Sniff!! Poor Marcus and Marian! Although who knows? Maybe they're living it up on the Malone Road, eh?

nikki hagan said...

Well here's hoping although Marcus probably gets lost wherever he is lol.