Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
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Its always good to start the first post of the year with a nice new pair of socks. And here they are! My mum went to Florida in 2007 and brought back two balls of Kroy sock yarn.... two balls in different colours. Many moons later I knitted these up over Christmas and New Year.

I had a great time knitting them though and even weaving in the ends wasn't a pain. I think I'm in complete sock mode now as, as soon as these were done, I cast on another pair.

But this month isn't going to be about socks. Its about wips. I've far too many on the go at the minute and its time to have a wip-down! Some projects just need sewn up and they're done, some need more knitting and one needs a refreshner crochet lesson. All reasonable. So I've recruited Nicky to have a sewing marathon this weekend to see if I can get some things done... or even just one. I'm not fussy.

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