Sunday, 28 November 2010

Its been a while

galaxy socks
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But I'm back with a shiny new pair of socks just finished yesterday.

My Christmas knitting is nearly done but my list of Wip' s is ever increasing so my plan for December is to finish the Christmas stuff and then work on the wips. Hopefully I'll start 2011 with only 2 wips.

As for 2011 itself, I'm going to knit BIG! I've a cardigan, two vests and a top that I want to get knitted up. Those 4 things alone could take a while, and then there's SOS11 to consider. Should be enough there to keep me busy.

I'm still planning on knitting from the stash, have managed to get it down to 40 miles, and hopefully another 5 or 6 miles will be knitted up next year.

My sister asked for a hat this morning, so off to hunt out some yarn for that! Have to keep her ears warm in the snow you know, lol

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