Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year!

So, as the New Year has rolled round, I've been doing some maths. Last year (2009) I came up with the following:

Total Mileage: 7.54
Bought yarn: 3,950g
Used yarn: 11,830g
Gifted out: 1,646g
Gifted in: 500g
Completed: 45 projects

You know what? I'm really rather proud that this year the difference between the used and bought yarn is more than 22g (the difference in 2008)

My 2010 knitting resolutions are as follows:

1. Continue the 100 Ball Knitdown challenge. I would like to knit the majority of the 100 balls but I'm not adverse to gifting them.

2. Cold Sheep. Last year I decided to go cold sheep for the whole year. That didn't quite work (see the approximate 4,000g that came into the stash) and instead I've decided to try in on a month by month basis. Since I didn't buy anything in December, month by month could be the way to go.
There are an exception or two to the cold sheep exercise. I'm going on holiday to Seattle and Vancouver and yarn shall be purchased. Also, I can buy yarn to finish a project if nothing else in the stash will do. I can also buy yarn to knit a gift if there's nothing suitable in the stash.

3. WIP's. I've 2 wip's at the minute, my clapotis and the Donegal Blanket of Doom thats been on the go since 2007. I've to finish the clapotis this month before I can cast on anything else. The blanket will be finished by the end of this year as its a lot of seaming with some crochet (which I don't know how to do)

4. Projects. I'm only going to have 2 projects on the go at any one time. One socks, and the other something else. Also, I have a list of things I would like for myself, so this is the year of me.

5. Giftages. Baby stuff to be knit throughout the year, together with charity items and Christmas/Birthday gifts so I don't end up rushing in December.

I think this is me done. I'm going to continue my £1 per completed ball and 50p per completed project reward scheme, saves me some potential yarn money, lol.

Off to complete a Christmas gift, and when its done, it'll be my second project completed so far this year. Start as you mean to carry on and all that!

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