Monday, 24 November 2008

Scary amounts!

I just did a rough totalling of my yarn skeins... and there's over 300 of them floating about. This surpises me for two reasons:

1. I thought I had more yarn when I looked at it all, and

2. How did I manage to buy over 300 skeins of yarn!?

My tallying on a monthly basis seems to be heading in the right direction, and I hopefully can keep this up in 2009. I would also like a decrease in the yarn purchases without going totally cold turkey so I would need to keep an eye on the spending.

I would like to use up about 100 skeins. This is only a third of the stash and a good lot would go if I knitted:

1. my cadigan

2. another cardigan

3. my CPH

4. my jumper

Those 4 garments would bring the usage to approximately 50, so if I just knitted cardigans in 2009 I would be done in no time, lol.

However, the sock stash is really quite large so if I managed to learn short row heels, I'm sure I could do AT LEAST 6 pairs and bring the usage to about 15 balls and altogether 65 skeins.

Its all good in theory though, lets see how it REALLY pans out, lol

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