Sunday, 30 November 2008

Its total time!

Once again, its the end of the month and time for the totals!

Bought: 100g
Used: 600g!
Completed: 4

Hooray! The stash is heading in the right direction! I did a bit of a yearly total and there's somewhere in the region of about 500g difference in the incoming and outgoing stash. Seems I bought too much this year after all, and if by some miracle I manage to knit that 500g in December, I'll have knit all that I bought this year and made absolutely no headway in the whole destashing thing.

But there are plans for 2009, lots of destashing plans and knitalongs with Nicky. We hatched a plan on Friday night in Starbucks, and I'll post that next week!

1 comment:

Toni said...

Whoo hoo! I cannot manage to simply buy less yarn--it's "cold turkey (sheep?)" for me or nothing. Good for you!!!!!!