Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Grand day out

The hubby and I are currently relaxing in County Donegal.  To say it's been a traumatic few days would be an understatement.

We arrived on Saturday in torrential rain and flicked on the boiler only to be greeted by billowing smoke and a rumble only a sleeping giant would make.

Choosing to ignore that, I lit the fire - it took a good half hour before it would catch. But finally it did and, with tea in hand and the gentle rumbling in the background,  I put the TV on....only for a loud pop and the smell of smoke to issue from it. The TV died.

We decided a dvd free weekend was now on the cards...so yesterday we went on a wee drive around the coast.

And that's where the nice day ended.  We ended up with a flat tyre on the way back to the house and had to get a man out to change it for us...after all that stress I decided not to leave the house again  and just sat and knitted all night. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I cheated

Last week I brought a pile of projects to knitting that needed their ends woven in.

Conveniently for me Helen had forgotten to lift her knitting so volunteered to do the ends. And so, we finally have finished things:

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Just a note

I was going to blog last night as usual but I was in the middle of finishing the big blanket, and I decided that was a priority.

So while I'm off work tomorrow for St Patricks day I'll get the ends sorted and take some photos.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

And finally....

Supersoft Aran
A while ago my (for all intents and purposes) sister in law asked me to knit a jumper for my nephew. They're a very knit-worthy bunch (they love their socks and hats) so without further ado, I rooted round my ravelry library and decided that Flax would be the perfect pattern. It was simple but with enough in it to keep me entertained.         Once the pattern was located, it was time for the yarn. Despite having loads of yarn, Aran/worsted weight is not something that I have in abundance. I was able to come up with one yarn option, Sirdar Supersoft Aran.
Nice stitches
Despite what the yarn says, its not that soft never mind supersoft. Its 100% acrylic so what did I expect. It does have a nice stitch definition though so its got that going for it.  So anyway, I cast on age 2-4 and knitted merrily and contently.

ta da!
The sleeves took longer than they should have -  I seem to have an irrational fear of knitting sleeves in the round, particularly on something thats relatively tiny. I eventually got there with some moral support and, in a flash, the jumper was done.

The next step was to wrestle it on the nephew to see how it fitted. After a lot of struggling (have you every tried to put a jumper on a sick toddler) it was decided that it needed two things - a stretchier cast off and to be an inch longer.

Poor little flax
Poor little Flax, this is the "before picture", before I took scissors to the bottom of it and cut off the cast off. The ribbed was unravelled and that I knitted that into the body to lengthen it. Then the rib was redone.

Finally (again) little Flax was done and, following a spin in the washing machine, it was ready to be given to its new owner.

happy new owner
Remember earlier I said that the yarn was far from soft, well the trip in the machine did wonders for it. It didn't become "supersoft" but it certainly did soften up. Its a jumper thats ready for some rough play with an adventurous toddler and it'll hopefully do him for a year or so.

The jumper seems to fit the nephew well and so, in true auntie fashion, I've started another one for him in Cascade 220 in a nice teal/blue. Hopefully the sleeves won't be an issue for me this time.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016