Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Grand day out

The hubby and I are currently relaxing in County Donegal.  To say it's been a traumatic few days would be an understatement.

We arrived on Saturday in torrential rain and flicked on the boiler only to be greeted by billowing smoke and a rumble only a sleeping giant would make.

Choosing to ignore that, I lit the fire - it took a good half hour before it would catch. But finally it did and, with tea in hand and the gentle rumbling in the background,  I put the TV on....only for a loud pop and the smell of smoke to issue from it. The TV died.

We decided a dvd free weekend was now on the cards...so yesterday we went on a wee drive around the coast.

And that's where the nice day ended.  We ended up with a flat tyre on the way back to the house and had to get a man out to change it for us...after all that stress I decided not to leave the house again  and just sat and knitted all night. 

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