Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Feel the burn

Our world wide knitting in public event is quickly approaching and on Sunday I realised that I had a lot of work ahead of me.

While I had managed to knit all the bits for creatures while at Clanabogan House, I hadn't actually sewn anything up.

First was the easiest... the butterflies

Then it was Margarets turn to be finished

After Margarets debut, I spent forever footering with ears, tails and debates about whiskers. Eventually Basil was ready

After Margaret, Arthur has to be my favourite. He's from an issue of Let's Knit magazine which came out a few months ago

Each creature was knitted using the acrylic which comes with magazines,  you know the stuff I mean, "knit this toy tonight" type stuff. I don't knit toys cuz I'm rubbish at faces so I managed to find a good use for it all. 

I do have 3 more mice to put together and I'll think about some more ladybirds. The knitting is the quickest bit, all the stuffing and sewing takes forever.

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