Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Glorious weekend

Last weekend was our 4th wedding anniversary....and to tell you the truth, it feels a lot longer.

To 'celebrate' we went away for the weekend to one of our favourite places, Clanabogan House B&B.

The house is set in its own grounds and is covered in bluebells 

There's a yew tree tunnel that used to be the entranceway to a house which is no longer there

A rather old copper beech tree which was struck by lightning (that's why it's lopsided, bits fell off but it kept on growing)

And this is the house itself.
I spent the weekend knitting creatures for the woodland themed treasure hunt at world wide knitting in public day in June 
There were butterflies (as above) and ladybirds  (below) I knitted the bits and now they're due to be stuffed and sewn.
Finally, there was yarn....and stitch markers.

And now I'll get back to finishing my butterflies 

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