Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Enough is enough?

Last week I was hunting though my stash for one particular ball of yarn.  Now, my stash is in 3 locations - living room which is rather small, under the stairs which is a packed tub of sock yarn and upstairs where the majority resides.

Given that I hadn't seen the yarn kicking about the living room I reckoned it was upstairs but in which of the 4 tubs and numerous bags would it be in?

Taking a deep breath I got started. I tripped the first tub's not there but ohhh look! I've been looking for that ball for ages!

Tub 2 was the same as was 3. By tub 4 I had a small pile of yarn beside me and still no sign of the pink merino I was after.

Now tub 4 is different from the others. This tub has a few project bags with yarn in them.

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