Thursday, 19 November 2015


Tuesdays update didn't happen for one very good, fluffy and cute reason.... we refused to hand back my mum's 3 year old Westie,  Gibbs.
My dad stole him back last night so normality can resume.                                                           

Dublin this year was great as always and we finally managed something I've wanted for years.... a new yarn colour wheel!                 
Just remember that I contributed to the colour wheel, I didn't buy all that yarn despite what some people think. (Although in the past I could have created a wheel all by myself)

There was much knitting in the evenings and by the time we got off the train in Belfast I had just the rib to finish on my socks.

And finally, the moment you've been waiting for....may I present the new stash.
Everything in the new stash has a plan...sock yarn for socks, yarn for a really pretty cowl, 2/3rds of a shawl and yarn for another shawl. This time round it's quality not quantity so there's a lot of indie dyed yarn too...close up pics next time!

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