Monday, 15 July 2013

I would forgive you for thinking that I knit nothing but dishcloths…

like these for example


But I don’t. I just use dishcloths as a bit of mindless knitting. The 2nd and 3rd set I knitted for a friends fundraiser. Unfortunately no one liked the red/green set enough to buy it so the friend made her husband buy it for her and she loves it.

In April, my brothers girlfriend made an off-hand remark about wanting a rainbow cushion, a stripey rainbow cushion. So unbeknown to her, my little sister and I went out the next day and hunted down some rainbow acrylic. Athough she had asked for stripes, all I could see were millions of ends to weave in, so rainbow coloured yarn was located.

I’m really very proud of myself for this cushion. It involved colourwork and charts, two things I’ve never been good at. Each row of hearts took an hour, so it really took a while to knit and finish. I have to say that she loves it though which makes it all worthwhile.

  SDC10678 SDC10679 SDC10681 

Another non-dishcloth is this little Pebbles vest. I’ve knitted another one too (in orange) but it remains photoless at the minute. After much deliberation, the knitting group decided that ladybirds were unisex enough and since then every button has been a ladybird! With the leftover yarn I made a little beanie.

 SDC10675 SDC10677 SDC10697

I’ve a few more wips that just need their ends sorted out, but for now its back to the dishcloths I’m afraid.

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Anonymous said...

I love your rainbow cushion! What yarn is it in?