Thursday, 30 May 2013

A little destash

Despite my attempts to NOT buy yarn this year, my stash has increased by epic proportions since 15 April. Although I have Ravelry, I also keep a speadsheet in work so when I feel weak I tot up the yardage and convert it into miles. The current figure was 380 odd balls and 51.7 miles. A bit too huge for comfort.

Thankfully last night I was chatting with two new recent knit night additions, who being poor students, didn’t have a stash. I offered to have a rummage and give them the stuff I no longer wanted.

And here it is. It mightn’t look like much, but there’s lace, sock, sport, DK, aran and chunky weights in there, so the yardage fairly mounts up.


Yardage totals 12,976.5 yards!!

Staggeringly thats 7.4 miles!!!!!

I’m thrilled, as are the knitters who are taking it off my hands.

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