Friday, 8 February 2013

There has been knitting....

Just no finishing of the knitted things.  I have the back of my brothers jumper nearly finished but haven't got the interest to finish it. I think that once I get over the hump of having a section completely finished I'll get the spur I need to do the fronts and sleeves....I'll knit both at the same time  so I HAVE to finish them.

I'm also knitting a little cardigan because the jumper is too large to take out with me. It's taken me a while to get the increases done as I really don't like the yarn. But as its in the stash it MUST be knitted! Tonight I managed to finish the increases and am now zipping through the body section and making myself quite happy in the process.

And because I don't have enough WIPs on the go, I started a shawl on Wednesday. I have a fear of lace patterns, lace weight yarn and intended yarn overs which occur more than once in a pattern row. This shawl is in sock weight and has a fair few yarn overs.... I tried it twice and gave up and thankfully another knitter came to the rescue, knitted the first few rows for me and sent me on my merry way. Needless to say it's been in its project ever since and completely ignored.  it'll get knitted eventually.

A wipdown is in my future I think... I've about 6 hanging around and some have deadlines. Nothing like some knitting procrastination to spur you on!

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