Saturday, 29 December 2012

And so it begins...

It's been a very long time since I last updated the blog and nothing's changed.

The stash is still out of control at over 50 miles (as per yesterday afternoon)

2013 will be a wonderful year of cold sheeping, knitting challenges and general stash reduction.

At SnB today I finsihed 3 wips -  a blanket square, a quickie cowl and the sleeves from a little cardigan that just needed sleeves. Not bad for one afternoon. I'm trying to get as many wips cleared up before 2013 hits as I'm starting the first challenge then.

The challenge for January is entitled "Procrastiknits" and involves knitting the items that you've been putting off - be it something you've always wanted to try, something you never had time to knit or if you've been putting off knitting for yourself.
I've had the yarn to knit Avast for nearly a year and I''ll be swatching and hopefully making a decent start on it in January.

Ideally I'd like to knit up/donate/sell at least 10 miles in 2013. I'll keep track and update the total on a monthly basis.

Until next time - I'll hopefully have another wip completed!

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