Sunday, 13 February 2011

Finishing Sunday

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Seem to have been on a finishing roll today. Managed to finish a one row handspun scarf this morning knitted out of yarn I've had since November 2007 - Patons Rumor. Its nice yarn although the aplaca fluff made me sneeze, and there were some bits that were nice and loose while others were very tightly spun. Kniting from inside and outside made no difference.

This afternoon I finished socks for my sister. I used two different sock yarns (using my scraps) and they turned out ok. Just have to wait until she gets home so she can try them on.

Right now I'm about to work on another WIP. My BSJ needs buttons so I'll sew those on and then try working on the brown cardigan... its about time that was finished.

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Springwools said...

It's so long since I've been on a finishing roll. Jealous. I think your "Frankensocks" look really cute. I'm with you on Baby Surprise Jacket btw. For one thing, I found it unfair that something which is rather tricky looks so simple when finished!