Friday, 30 July 2010


I'm off on holiday later tonight, and am expecting wonderful things to happen while I'm away. Specifically 3 pairs of socks and a bakhus. Yup, overachieving again, lol

Saturday, 24 July 2010

3 done

My third pair of SOS10 socks are just finished. Would post a pic but the camera suicided itself on Wendesday at SnB... something about working conditions and not getting paid enough. Anyway, I'm sure pics will appear eventually.

Pulled out a new bag and lo and behold, pair 4 is for my sister... a small pair of socks at last!!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

La stash

la stash
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A girl on our rav board wanted to know how everyone stored their stash. I hauled mine out this morning, took a photo of it as it was ( this) and then reorganised it all. Alas, can't remember where anything is now!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Unfinished Concentric Squares

concentric squares
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This is the project that I really do love, but ran out of yarn 16 rows from the end. Really messed up my day that did. However, I've put in a 911 call and everything is going to be ok (i think) It'll be finished soon thankfully cuz this is the THIRD unfinished blanket I currently have sitting in the WIP basket.

So I decided to start a new project, and sat on the sofa all day beside a sleeping, snoring Westie who always makes himself at home on anything soft. After a few movies, many hours, the Holland v Spain World Cup Final and nearly 3 balls of Sirdar Click Chunky later, I've nearly finished a shrug for myself. Just the second ribbed edge and some seaming and its ready to wear!

I like this shrug. Its the unshaped shrug on ravelry, and this is the second time I've knitted it. First time was for my sister in a nice Sirdar Escape pink colourway swore she'd wear it and now doesn't. That shouldn't surprise me really... just means I'm second guessing what I was going to knit her for Christmas. Anyway, my shrug will be worn. The rib is all in a nice darkblue and the inside is a light blue, it actually looks really nice, plain but nice. My thanks to Nicky to assistance with the colour changes. There might even be a photo of me wearing this tomorrow, shock, horror, lol!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

And as promised...

huge socks
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I give you the newly completed pair of socks. I knitted them in Regia Jet Set Colour that I got in Vancouver for $2 (bargain!) but its a bit rough. So rough in fact that it took the shiny off my addi needle. Not impressed with that but the needle still works and it'll be a constant reminder of these socks, lol. The socks are for the boyfriend and havent decided when he'll get them yet. Could be his birthday or it could be Christmas. Shall have a think about it.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I've been making knitting progress. Ive been knitting the Concentric Squares blanket since the WWKip dayon 13 June, a row or two every day cuz there's 200 of them lol, and I ran out of yarn today, just 16 rows from finishing it. I've put in an emergency 911 to Las who lives in Houston so hopefully she'll be able to get me some more. But still, 16 ROWS!!! AHHH!!!!

In happier news, I've finished pair 2 of SOS10. Next pair I pulled out of the brown lunch bags was not a good choice. Its another LARGE pair of socks, only this time for my brother. Grrr, why couldn't my hand have landed on Siobhan sized socks?!?!?

I'll get photos of the blanket and socks up tomorrow, but right now I'm going to rest my hand from overexertion on tiny needles.