Saturday, 10 July 2010


I've been making knitting progress. Ive been knitting the Concentric Squares blanket since the WWKip dayon 13 June, a row or two every day cuz there's 200 of them lol, and I ran out of yarn today, just 16 rows from finishing it. I've put in an emergency 911 to Las who lives in Houston so hopefully she'll be able to get me some more. But still, 16 ROWS!!! AHHH!!!!

In happier news, I've finished pair 2 of SOS10. Next pair I pulled out of the brown lunch bags was not a good choice. Its another LARGE pair of socks, only this time for my brother. Grrr, why couldn't my hand have landed on Siobhan sized socks?!?!?

I'll get photos of the blanket and socks up tomorrow, but right now I'm going to rest my hand from overexertion on tiny needles.

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