Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer of Socks 2010

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SOS10 started last Monday. One week to the day I have my first pair finished (and on my feet too)

I've the next pair selected from the brown bags I made up a few weeks ago. Alas, the next pair is for my dad, and he has rather long feet. So while I made a cracking start I don't think I'll be able to pull a pair a week off my needles again until the socks are either for me or my sister.

And instead of casting them on right away, I'm going to knit on a blanket. Might start tomorrow instead :D

Monday, 14 June 2010


I have actually managed to put buttons onto Pebbles, after everything (buttons, needle and thread) sitting beside the laptop for quite some time. But its all done and dusted now and in the gift box. To be honest, I like it so much I just may keep it for myself :D

All His

all his
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This is a little cotton soap bag thing for in the shower or bath. Cobbled together from a few colourways to use up all the "bits". Don't like it. The colour difference it just too much. Ah well, the next one will be better hopefully.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

wwkip day

wwkip day
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There were BIG plans for WWKIp day this year... sunshine, picnic, knitting!

Alas, in true Belfast style, it rained on us. We went into Belfast Castle for some chips, cream scones and coffee, a little bit of knitting too. But then we decided to call it a day :(

So Nicky and I retired to my car to have our own WWKip where she finished 3 projects, finished 2 balls of yarn and I cast on a baby blanket (because I'm not allowed to knit socks)

I think next year I will skip the WWKip organising and turn up if one is planned. It always seems to rain on me...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Layout...

I only wish I had a new FO to show off. Alas, I don't.

Still itching to start some socks. My ravelry queue has a fair few nice looking patterned ones in it that I think I'm brave enough to try.

Is it the 21st year? Or can I cheat and start early??

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


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Look what finally made it off the needles? After being on them for 10 months, the clapotis is now officially finished. And you know what, I love it!!

3 WIps to go and I am itching to start some socks!

Monday, 7 June 2010

socks r us!

metallica sock
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Just finished my 4th pair of socks for the year. As its June and therefore the 6th month of the year, I'm 2 pairs behind to make at last 12 pairs this year. I want to knit 13. Thankfully, SOS10 starts in 2 weeks and I'm hoping to knit at least 4 or 5 pairs, so maybe the sock tally won't be so dismal.

So in the meantime, I'm working on my wips. There's the broken clapotis that Nicky fixed for me today so I'll be cracking onto that very shortly, the kiddy cardigan thing that may run out of yarn before completion, the olympic crochet blanket thats lost its corners and the eternal donegal blanket that is being taken to Donegal in July and worked on.

I'm hoping that in the next fortnight (before SOS10) starts I will finish at least 2 of the above. Yeah, back to the overachieving lark again, lol.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

At last!

shrug back
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After a false start, the shrug is done. By false start I mean that I went away last weekend, knitted 3/4 of the thing to find out that it didn't fit her. Second time round its really rather cute. This is a pic of the back (obviously)

I'm getting geared up for SOS10 which starts in 15 days. I'm going to attempt 4pairs which will be the start of my christmas knitting with a pair thrown in for me. Just have to get this current pair finished first, lol.