Thursday, 25 December 2008

Blogging on Christmas day?!

Yes I am and thats because I rock, lol.

I managed to knit a sister sized sock in a few days which is the quickest I think I've knitted a sock before. Last night I was 3 rows into the ribbed top before I fell asleep and today, moments ago, I finished it. I rock!!!!

Now the photos aren't great (cuz they weren't taken in broad daylight but they're bright and happy little socks and she likes them)

Please note the disgarded toy packaging lying beside her!

Merry Christmas and happy knitting 2009!

(I'm off to cast on sock 2 of the Russian's)


Fairytale Frog said...

is this the neon stripey regia? I have to pluck mine out from the depths and I think I owe Aly a knee-high pair in that stuff too ....

Nikki said...

it is indeed, good old £1 per ball bargain yarn, lol