Tuesday, 3 May 2011

And the winner is...

After a bit of mature reflection, I decided on what the next wip would be and even better than that i decided on a wip schedule! Sunday - Tuesday will be wip days, where there's a decent stretch of time to make a serious dent in the thing. Conveniently I finished the brown cardigan on a Sunday which fits with my lovely new plan.

Next Wip on the block is a Paxton cardigan in fern green Stylecraft Life. For some reason I seem to have gotten fed up of this a few cm from finishing the body! At this minute in time I've the 4 boarder rows to knit, the cast off and then to start on the two sleeves which don't take very long at all.

I'm actually enjoying the whole wipdown thing. Getting that brown cardigan (I have to stop calling it that, its a very nice, warm and snug cardigan knitted in Sirdars Big Softie) finished was a relief and its just unfortunate its the wrong season for wearing it (we are meant to be getting rained on this week though)

Maybe by the end of this month I'll be wipless.... have to get that crochet blanket sorted though, I lost the corner somewhere in it, lol.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Oh my goodness!

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After languishing in a bag, half done since November 2010, the cardigan that was meant to be my mums christmas present is finally done.
So here's the question, what wip do I work on now? I have socks in progress, a baby shrug, a crocheted blanket and a baby cardigan. Im thinking the socks... but also the baby shrug because its also been sitting for months, maybe a year, not worked on!! I'll have to have a think.